There could be several reasons why people might be looking for printable doctor notes. These doctor notes can save hundreds of your dollars and can allow you to make use of them for certain purposes. People usually use these notes to take off from the offices, however, there are certain other uses of these fake doctor’s prescriptions which can provide you with real benefits. If you are facing any of the following situations, then you are in a desperate need of a leave from your work or studies and you should go on a break. Let us first check the following things:

    • Are you working on your holidays?
  • Are you bringing your official work to your home?
  • Are you overburdened with your office work?
  • Is your office routine too tight? You stay busy all the time
  • You skip meals because of your hectic office hours?

If you are also facing the above-mentioned situations, then you should try the free version of fake doctor notes which can provide you a relief for a couple of days from your hectic office routines. Many people around the state use these notes to get a leave from their office without being caught.

What are the doctor notes?

These are documents of extreme importance for people who are trying to get a leave from their office for health reasons. Certainly, if you are really ill and you have visited a doctor, you would have a legit and legal proof for your off from the office but what if you are just tired of the hectic routine and need a break to regain energy? In this condition, it is not a wise decision to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a real doctors note, when you can get a completely reliable and free one from There are many templates available on free sites which you can download and can even customize as per your needs.

Doctor notes are not less than a lifeline for people who are seeking a way to get a day or two off from their busy schedule, but their bosses are not letting them do this because they do not have a legit prof of their condition. If you have already taken the day off without intimating and without getting checked by a doctor, these fake notes can save your life. However, you should not go for the cheap websites that offer substandard templates which can easily be caught at a glance. You should always download the free templates from a reputed site like and should make sure that there is a guarantee that your seniors would not be able to call back to verify the authenticity of the note.

Should you use the free ones?

There are two options available on the internet. One is free and the other costs you a few dollars. Usually, free ones are not up to the mark but if you are lucky enough to find a good website, you might gain the same benefits from the free versions of these fake doctor notes. You should check for these things when you are going to download the free versions:

  • These should either properly backed or there must be a privacy policy for no call back
  • These should be editable and flexible to be adjusted as per the personal requirements
  • These should be clear pdf files and not the low quality images which are not changeable

Use them for school, college and offices

These notes from are not only used for official purposes but you can also use them for schools and colleges where strict attendance policies are implemented. In these situations, it is very difficult for the students to avail the leaves and go out of station with their families. Now, you need not to worry as you can get medical leave for as much period as you want but just be careful with the notes as not all the notes are present on the internet and legit.

Uses of these notes:

There are several uses of these doctors’ notes. For instance, if you are a new doctor and want to get an idea about how these notes are prepared, you can download the free notes and compare them to finalize yours. In addition to that these doctor notes can be used in following situations:

  • You do not want to visit the doctor
  • You do not want to spend money on doctor’s visit
  • You are tired of your office routine
  • You are short of your attendance at your school
  • You want to get an idea how these notes are prepared

There come many situations in life when you meet an emergency and do not have time to intimate the office about your situation, or you simply do not want to disclose the personal reasons. In such situations, you can use these notes and can avail the leave from office without telling the actual story. For instance, if you have to go out station for some personal reasons or to take care of your loved ones, you can simply download the printable template and can edit it as per your requirements to submit it to the human resource department.

You should not use a note which does not resemble the real one because it will increase the chances of being caught and in this situation, consequences could be severe. This is why, it is always advised to download the doctor notes from a reputed and trustworthy site.